Outsourcing: Accounting - Human Resources - Administration

Today, the companies must react on every change in a very short time period without neglecting the legal and organizational aspects. Concentration of resources, fast adaptability, legal safety and risk minimizing are much in demand. Taking all these into account the stable competitive position can be ensured for a long time irrespectively of the market.

According to studies, at more than 95 per cent of the companies - from the aspects of costs and/or quality - an outsourcing is profitable in the processes (or partial processes) of bookkeeping, personal management or certain back-office activities. Just in the previous years the companies’ “internal“ costs, primarily in the fields of accounting and HR have considerably decreased. As of recently such topics have been added as IKS (Internal Control System), Compliance and Basel II, which can increase the expenditure of the companies to a large extent.

Through minimizing the fixed costs due to the direct connection between the variable expenditures and the course of business, an optimal cost structure can be achieved by outsourcing of the secondary processes.


"The approach many industrial concerns have led the way for two years by reducing the vertical range of manufacture is being now realised by the government either. Processes which do not belong to the core business, should be done by others – more efficiently and cheaper.” (Wirtschaftswoche)