Welcome to MAF Outsourcing AG

The outsourcing of business processes is a very important issue for every company. 60 from top-100-Fortune-companies have significant business processes managed by professional thrid companies. The result: optimal cost structures, concentration of resources, increased legal and risk safety and fast adaptability.


The main competencies of the MAF Outsourcing AG are the following:

Finance management (Finance & Accounting)
Our experts do the bookkeeping of your company with your software or with our own system. Besides the optimal structures you can enjoy a rolling tax optimisation and benchmark (in OR, SWISS-GAAP or IFRS).

Personell management (Human Resources & Salary)
Pay accounting, sick-pay, notices... our personnel experts take over parts of or the whole personal administration. Through the MAFSecure gateway you will have access to your employees' data.

Administration management (Backoffice & Archive)
Finally some time for the essential. From telephone service through back-office tasks to electronic archiving, we can relieve you at the essential points so that even more resources could be at your disposal for front work.



"In the future the business processes will be not only outsources but restructured either." (Accenture)


EA successful BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) can not only heighten your company's effectivity and efficiency, and thus contribute to the business succes, but considerably increases the quality and legal safety. On the one hand resources can be set free, on the other hand the adaptability increases. Thus the stable competitive position can be ensured for a long time irrespectively of the market.