We know the way. Your target!

The MAF Outsourcing AG relieves companies of secondary processes, so that they could focus on their core business, such as the sales of services or products, the growth and development, the gaining of new customers and the strategic further development.

As a partner we take over such processes which need enormous resources and a special knowledge, but do not belong to the core business of the company we attend. Providing the companies relief at significant points, nothing could set bounds to our clients’ growth. The whole potential of the companies can flow in directly to the target market.

The companies we attend can operate with more succes either in a qualitative or in a quantitative way. In this cooperation the top motivated and strongly networked teams of the MAF Outsourcing AG are not confined exclusively to the „mechanical” activities of bookkeeping or pay issues, but they execute every assignment with the expertise of experienced business economists and lawyers.


We create added value for our clients:

  • Concentration of resources
  • Fast adaptability even on volatile markets
  • Legal safety
  • Reduction of fixed costs
  • Increasing quality
  • Shorter lead-times
  • Discretion within the company (e.g. cadre payments)
  • IKS (internal control system) - Safety